RUSH: The NFL Today Is NOT Even About Football

RUSH: What is happening is that the National Football League today is not even about football. And that’s the big problem. Everything making news about the NFL is not what happens on the field. The things making news in the NFL are not things that are the reasons people watch or pay to attend or buy licensed merchandise or any of that. And it’s uncharted territory. The NFL has not been in this set of circumstances in a long, long time.

The NFL is used to be being loved, adored, and at the top of the sports heap, the top of the television heap, the top of everything. And now it isn’t that way at all, and it’s got some people quite uncomfortable because they can see now in finite terms that the golden goose has a limit and may in fact have laid its biggest eggs and what’s down the road isn’t what everybody thought it was gonna be. So tensions are fraying. Couple this with ESPN losing subscribers, losing viewers, man, what a reversal of fortunes. But that’s the latest on that.


LIMBAUGH: Bill Clinton Counsels Al Franken On Sexual Harassment – HILARIOUS Parody

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, Al Franken and Bill Clinton found it necessary to have a conversation about the latest developments of sexual harassment and how they are both now in the crosshairs. Our microphones were there.


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RUSH: SEX ROBOTS Are Going To Replace Asking A Woman Out On A Date

RUSH: But it has genuinely been accepted human behavior over the course of millennia that men chase women. Correct? Nothing wrong with that. Men face a lot of rejection. Women have to get good at doing it.

Woody Allen said, “The only difference I’ve noticed about success is being rejected by a higher class of woman. That’s all success has meant to me.” Yes, there are women who pursue men. I know this. But the general rule of thumb has been that it’s men who propose, men who ask women out on dates. The question is this: If the politicization of male-female relationships continues on its present path, and if men become afraid of even that behavior, if simply asking for a date is considered stalking or is considered harassment — and don’t think it can’t get there.

We’re on that path now. Then what happens? What do men do? Rather than run the risk of being accused of being a stalker or harasser? Because, look, sometimes you have to ask a woman out four times before she’ll say “yes.” In the old days — right, Snerdley? — sometimes it took more effort than that. What if the second time is considered stalking? What if the third time is considered harassment? So what are men gonna do if they decide, “Okay, screw it! I don’t even want to run the risk, and so they stop the pursuit?” The healthy pursuit, I mean.

What happens? Do women pick up the slack? Does it become acceptable for women to then become the, shall we say, aggressors, the person of action in a couple scenario like this? I don’t know. I have no answers to this. I could guess. But men are amazingly adaptive. Men want to be around women and will do whatever it takes to succeed. They will fake being pro-choice, for example, like in Hollywood. They’ll totally lie about it. They will say, “Oh, yeah, man! I would love to go to the museum and look at elephant tusks.” They’ll do anything, if they really want to be with a woman.

So what’s the adaptation gonna be if even the slightest approach or bit of attention runs the risk of a stalking charge or an harassment charge? Back off! Don’t do it. Find some other way. (Hello, Playboy magazine? I don’t know.” And maybe nothing. I mean, I could be, you know, exaggerating this to the point none of this is gonna happen.


RUSH: I tell you what’s gonna happen. If asking a woman out on a date becomes sexual harassment or stalking, I tell you what’s gonna replace that: Sex robots. There are already stories of sex robots that are out there and being tested and supposedly enjoyed. Don’t laugh, folks. People are very creative and resourceful when it comes to sex.


RUSH: Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment Has Same Dynamics as Racism

RUSH: Folks, there’s a part of this that is beginning to make me nervous, as an umbrella thing, not specifically. I’m just spotting a trend, and I know you have too. I’m sure I’m not the only person in this crowd. But you know, this business of sexual abuse is quickly approaching the same dynamics as racism in our culture.

And just as racism is a horrible thing to be accused of, and depending on how it’s done it’s sometimes hard to disprove it, it’s the same thing here with being accused of all kinds of improper behavior against women, especially blind allegations, they can be really tough to defend, especially the way the table is being set today. That women never make it up, that women don’t lie about it, that women must be believed. This is not an anti-woman screed. Now, don’t anybody misunderstand me here.

I’m addressing this as though we’re all human beings. Forget sex, gender, and all of that. I’m just assessing where our culture is going. And it’s because of the politicization of everything, because we have politicized relationships now. We have politicized the way men and women interact. That all began with feminism in the modern era of the late sixties. We politicize everything. The NFL is politicized, you name it, it’s all politicized now. And so since it’s politicized, those who use politics as a weapon then seize on everything that occurs and they use it as a weapon.

And so now male-female, man-woman, boy-girl relationships end up being weaponized by the people who have an agenda attached to them. And so if you’re going to come along, if we as a society are going to agree because of the hot-button tensions of the moment that the women must be believed, and I’m just pointing it out here. This is not yet a direct criticism of this. I’m just chronicling that this is happening where we are.


RUSH: Democrats Are From The Culture That ‘Sponsors And Rewards’ Mistreatment Of Women

RUSH: But the bigger question for me is, just who is engaging in this kind of behavior? Who are the abusers? Who are the sexual harassers? This is a question the media doesn’t want to answer. This is a question the Democrat Party doesn’t want to look to. They don’t want anybody digging deep to find out whether there is actually partisanship to this. They’re doing everything they can to make it look like, if anybody like me comes along and says, “You know Roy Moore was a Democrat back when he did all that?” Look at the reaction that got.

They had a conniption fit because they thought that I was suggesting that he got away with it all those years ’cause he was a Democrat and the Democrats don’t hold each other to standards. While that may be true, that wasn’t my point. I was just throwing out a little factoid. But look at their reaction to it. So they’re highly sensitive to this. They are from the culture that mistreats women. They are from the culture that sponsors and rewards this kind of treatment of women and behavior of women.

Well, here’s the thing. Is the Mad Men culture still around? Did the Mad Men culture ever really go away? What are we looking at here, if this is not the Mad Men culture and it’s happening in Hollywood? Okay, Mad Men was New York advertising agencies, but this is Hollywood. Did the behavior ever go away? Is this really anything new, or has this been common behavior between men and women from the beginning?

Remember, it’s all now been politicized. Once you politicize this stuff, it totally changes everybody’s perception of it. And we can thank the left for that as well. They have literally corrupted everything. But there’s so much hypocrisy and phoniness in these people on the left. They mock and make fun of Mike Pence for making sure that he takes steps not to be in circumstances where this kind of thing can happen. They laugh at him and they make fun of him and they accuse him of discriminating against women, by the way.