RUSH: We go to Elkton, Virginia.  This is Darrell.  Great to have you with us, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush, thanks for taking my call.  I wanted to get your take on Ted Cruz’s coming out supporting the Republican nominee and said he would vote for Donald Trump.  I heard him on Beck this morning and it got pretty contentious with Beck and Beck pretty much said that it was a calculated decision.  What’s your take on it.

RUSH:  Well, of course it was calculated.  Does it bother you that it was calculated?

CALLER:  No, not at all.

RUSH:  So you don’t have a problem with him endorsing Trump?

CALLER:  Absolutely not.

RUSH:  Okay.  I think Ted Cruz is a great conservative, and I always have.  And I think he’s trustworthy with conservatism.  This was not handled well.  My take on this, I couldn’t believe that he didn’t understand — I’m not comfortable putting it that way, ’cause I don’t think he’s dumb.  Okay, Trump offers you a prime time slot at the convention.  You have to figure, if you’re Ted Cruz, that that offer means that there’s an expectation that you’re gonna join the party, that you’re gonna endorse, and if you don’t endorse, you’re at least going to say you support, that you’re gonna vote for the nominee.

I think it was a miscalculation to think that he could go to the convention and stand on principle as he was trying to do and not endorse. Because you talk about the calculation, the calculation that he was making was to stay true and loyal to the conservative base for his future.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  I mean, that’s what politics is.  He wants to run again.  He’s Mr. Conservative, and he wants to maintain his credibility, and he decided that endorsing Trump at Trump’s convention would not be appreciated by the conservative base.

I think he thought he would have many more accolades doing what he did than what he ended up getting.  I think he got the exact opposite of what he was expecting to get.  So I think that was a miscalculation, because he ended up — I mean, after all, this is about winning the White House now, not in 2020, winning it now, it, for a host of reasons, chief among them is keeping Hillary out of it.  And doing it the way Ted did, he managed to upset some clearly conservative donors, and he got a lot of Trump people mad at him.  And if he was going to endorse Trump anyway, as he did, then what he did at the convention wasn’t necessary.  He could have avoided all of that.

Now, it’s easy to look back in hindsight and be critical, but he could have.  If he was gonna endorse anyway, if he knew he was gonna endorse anyway, and at some point he’s still a Republican, whether he’s estranged from the Republican leadership or thinking conservatism is a branch of the party, still at election time, you come together.  But this has a lot of moving parts.


RUSH: Main Objective For Debate Is KEEPING HILLARY VERTICAL For 90 Minutes

RUSH: Okay.  Smartest woman in the world, more qualified to be president than anybody who’s ever been president, but all of a sudden she needs a moderator to point out Trump’s lies because she doesn’t have time to do that because if that’s all she did she wouldn’t have time to spell out her vision for America.  The smartest woman in the world.  I think they are lowering expectations for her.  And I think they are — how do I say this politically?  How do I say this?  I really think their main objective is keeping her vertical for 90 minutes.


RUSH: Obama Gave Hillary WORST Advice Anybody Could Give Her

RUSH: You hear what Obama’s advice to her is?  He gave her the worst advice anybody could give her.  He told her to be herself.  President Obama told Hillary, “Just be yourself and explain what motivates you when you hit the stage on Monday night.”

Well, if she is herself and explains what motivates here, she has to say, “I will do anything for money.  I will do anything to get rich.  I will make a series of 20-minute speeches at $250,000 a pop for two years straight in order to earn $22 million.  I will sell influence as secretary of state and as a potential president.  I will take contributions to a charity run by my husband and me, which donates practically nothing to charity.  I will do whatever it takes to get filthy rich like the people we hang around are.  I will do whatever it takes.”  That’s being herself and that’s being honest.  Is that gonna happen?  No way.  Still, not the best advice I would think from Obama, just be yourself.



EDITORS NOTE: This Is 2 Segments Combined For Your Convenience

RUSH: Hillary’s got this website, and on this website is a list of all the Trump “lies,” and there are countless stories — New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today — which essentially rewrite every claim Hillary makes, and then those stories are coupled with demands on Lester Holt that he fact check Trump during the debate, that Trump is so bad, that Trump lies so much that it’s too crucial for the country and the future to leave it up to Hillary to call out Trump’s lies.

Because if it was left up to Hillary, she wouldn’t have time to say anything positive.  Because the criticism is that, “Hey, moderators shouldn’t do this. It’s up to the debate opponents here to fact check each other and argue with each other.  It’s what a debate is, and the moderator ought have no role in it.”  The left is saying, “Yeah, normally that’s true, but in this case it’s so bad — Trump is such a liar, he’s such an egregious liar — that if Mrs. Clinton focused on that that’s all she would have time for.”

So they have established a narrative here that Donald Trump never tells the truth, that everything Trump says is a lie and that it is mandatory for Lester Holt to correct him and to play fact checker.  Bloomberg has announced that they’re gonna fact check Trump during the debate on the screen at the bottom with a crawling graphic that’s supposedly gonna call out every lie Trump makes.  Now, of course, the irony here is that the liar in this debate is Hillary Clinton.


RUSH: Entire Hillary Email Investigation Was A COVER-UP For Obama

RUSH: By the way, we now know, folks, why the FBI never seriously investigated Hillary Clinton and her emails, and the short version of it is because it would have nailed Barack Obama.  Hillary Clinton lied about so many things, so many times about her email server, but so did Obama.

Obama said he didn’t know that Hillary was using an email server in her home until he read about it in the news.  A document dump — yet another one late Friday from the FBI — contains incontrovertible evidence that Obama was emailing with Hillary the whole time she had that server in her home and he was doing so with a fake name.  He was using a pseudonym.  They were passing out immunity to people involved in this.

They couldn’t convict anybody if there had been a serious investigation. But all this time when there was a little news all last summer and last spring? If you recall when every week it seemed like a new little tidbit about Hillary’s server would pop up, I remember saying — and a lot of people thought it — that Obama was doing a little water torture. Just drip, drip, drip, drip. Every week something new about Hillary making it very, very hard for her to keep going and making us think that there might be something really to find here in an investigation.

It turns out to be all bogus.

We were all dead wrong.

Obama was doing everything he could to protect himself.  There was never going to be a serious investigation of this because it would have nailed Obama as having done exactly what Hillary did by virtue…  Everything the president does (there’s a term for it) is “born classified.”  Meaning if the president writes you a note, it’s classified.  It could be about his picks for the NCAA tournament, could be anything.  It’s classified.  Every email Barack Obama sent Hillary Clinton was classified.

So everything she said about not knowing this or that was classified? It’s all lies. Everything about it was lies.  Obama was sending her things, by definition, “born classified.” They lied through their teeth about all of this, and we had our chains yanked I can’t tell you how many different ways, how many different times during this whole investigation being led to believe that there might be something to it. When in fact, the entire objective was to cover this up and make it look like a serious investigation was going on.

Make it look like there might be some really serious consequences handed down, when all along everybody that was involved with the investigation knew that it was nothing more than a cover-up because they were not gonna nail Obama.