RUSH: Hillary Is Gonna Try To “OUT WONK” Trump At Debates

RUSH: As for how Trump ought to deal with her in debates, that’s not gonna happen ’til September 26th, and I know exactly what Hillary’s gonna do in these debates.

She’s gonna try to outwonk Trump to show her qualifications, the intimate knowledge of how government works for people. She’s gonna illustrate that Trump doesn’t know what anything is. The GI Bill, the Restoration of Turtle Lights Act of 1845. She gonna know all that esoteric crap, and she’s gonna start talking about it as though she’s got intimate knowledge and Trump is gonna “ba-da ba-da ba-da,” and there’s a way to deal with this, but I’m a formal or informal adviser.  And I don’t want to be.  Don’t misunderstand.

So I will have proper thoughts on this as we get close to it.  These debates, in large part, are gonna be reflecting the news at the time, and that’s not ’til September 26th, although there’s gonna be all kinds of setup questions for Trump. “Mr. Trump, do you still believe women are pigs?”  “Do you still thing Rosie O’Donnell is a pig?” (interruption) Well… (chuckles) You don’t think that’s gonna happen?  You damn well know it’s gonna happen! “Mr. Trump, do you think Jeb Bush has more energy than Hillary Clinton?”

They’re gonna try to take examples of what they think Trump has said that makes a fool of him and ask him to repeat it, in trick ways, while Hillary is gonna be acting like, “This poor man. I don’t even think I should be here. I… I…  He’s just so unqualified!”  “He doesn’t even know what we’re talking about here, John,” she will say to the moderator.  “You know, I think I’ll take a break.  I’ll just let Mr. Trump have the floor for ten minutes.  I got some things I can do backstage, and I’ll be back.”

I wouldn’t put anything past ’em, as they try to portray Trump as just so far out of his league.  Unsuitable.  Not the right temperament.  Unequipped.  Ignorant about how government works.  “Mr. Trump, do you really think all Mexicans are rapists in — and not just Rosie O’Donnell, but all Mexicans. Do you think that they’re rapists?” You know damn well that’s how these questions are gonna come out, and the questions Hillary Clinton’s gonna get? “Mrs. Clinton, do you think you’ll be able to effectively build on the great success President Obama has had on our economic recovery, and how will you do it?”

(interruption) You… (laughing) Well, he’s already said that he wants moderator approval.  Some of them are not gonna be acceptable to him.  Yeah, I think if the candidates have… I don’t know what all the rules are in terms of what they can demand moderator-wise and so forth.  But, look, this all gonna play out once we get closer to it, and I’ll be able to address in a much more informed manner than that. Right now, we’re just speculating — educated speculation,m nevertheless.  It’s pretty easy to figure what some of the things are gonna happen are.  And we know — we know — that whoever the moderators are from the Drive-Bys, they are going to try to end the Trump candidacy on September 26th.

They’re gonna try to end it that night, the night of the first debate.


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RUSH: “Earlier this month, British scientist Valentina Zharkova and her team at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom, using a new model, predicted that a coming periodic reduction in the sun’s radiation will soon lead to major global cooling.”  By the way, I saw that story.  I saw that story, and the one thing that the current climate change crowd does not put into their models — and let me stress again, there is no official data that shows a dangerously warming climate.  There is none.

Over the last 16 years the earth’s temperature has remained steady.  It has not risen.  Sixteen years.  The computer models, which is the only evidence there is for global warming — this is so sad, it would be laughable otherwise.  There’s no evidence of man-made global warming.  The climate’s changing all the time, but we have nothing to do with it.  We’re just along for the ride here.  We have nothing to do with it.  Climate change is in infinitesimal ways. And, by the way, in geological times, our life span, 85 years, is hardly visible when measured against the life of the planet.

We’re nothing but specks of sand at the largest.  We have no impact on glacier creation, glacier melting, glacier expansion, glacier movement, none.  But besides that, the only reason anybody believes global warming is computer models are predicting it ten years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, starting in 1980.  There is no evidence.  There is no data that the world is warming.  This is one of the most brilliant effective hoaxes I have ever seen.  And I’m telling you who has bought it hook, line, and sinker is young people.

They have bought it because they believe the fearmongers and the crisismongers that the planet on which we all live is not gonna be habitable by the time they reach retirement age.  Thirty years, you talk about 1980, 30, 40 years, we’re about reaching some of that, we haven’t gotten any close to the predictions, but they, a lot of young Millennials, they believe it.  They’ve bought it hook, line, and sinker.  And they’re scared to death.  They genuinely are.  The whole thing is a hoax.


RUSH: Drive-Bys Want You To Think Trump’s Support Base Is ‘DELIVERANCE’

RUSH: Now, let me pause in this to point something out.  If you do pay attention to the Drive-Bys, if you watch the news, cable news, I don’t care what network, I don’t care what you watch or read, what you’re gonna hear from mainstream media types about Trump supporters is that they are almost all white, they’re almost all poor, many of them are unemployed, and they do not have any college education.  That’s how Trump supporters are, at present, characterized.

And that is wrong.  There may be some in that group that are Trump supporters, but Trump supporters do have college educations.  Some of them are highly intelligent, educated.  Some of them are doing quite well financially.  They’re not all poor.  They’re not all stupid.  In other words, the Drive-Bys want you to think that Trump’s support base is Deliverance, and they’re doing this on purpose.  So Salena Zito travels around Pennsylvania and says, “Gosh, this does not dovetail at all.”  And she says it’s overwhelming.  And keep in mind, these are people that have not voted in presidential elections in years.

And don’t forget Robert Costa in the Washington Post telling Charlie Rose how scared he is that these are the people that make up the Trump base and they’re not polled because they’re not likely voters, they’re not registered voters ’cause they haven’t shown up to vote in a long time.  And 70% of the population think the country’s headed in the wrong direction and 50% of the population doesn’t vote, and he’s speculating that if these people show up in any significant numbers at all it will be a shock and total surprise and will totally blow the polling out the window.

So Ms. Zito here is claiming she’s found this.  But she’s buttressing what she found — this is anecdotal.  Her report, what she found, all the Trump signs, who the people that put them out are, the supporters of Trump that she spoke to, nothing scientific about the way she gathered the information.  It’s called anecdotal.  Then she came across a Gallup survey last week that confirmed what she found anecdotally.  This Gallup survey is incredible.

The Gallup analysis that she came across is based on 87,000 interviews.  Now, it’s not a presidential poll, because Gallup doesn’t do presidential polls anymore because they haven’t gotten close enough in recent polls.  So they pulled out. They survey other things.  And 87,000 sample, 87,000 interviews over the past year.  And the analysis “shows that while economic anxiety and Trump’s appeal are intertwined, his supporters for the most part do not make less than average Americans and are less likely to be unemployed.”

Meaning, the picture the Drive-Bys are painting of the average Trump supporter is all wrong.  And it’s not just what she saw on her trip through Pennsylvania, but the Gallup survey confirms it.  Trump supporters, for the most part, make just as much or more as the average American.  Of course, you have to throw out New York and Washington.  Those salaries are not normal because of the demographics and the makeup of those two cities.



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RUSH: Why Isn’t The ‘Clinton Crime Family Foundation’ Offering Aid To Louisiana?

RUSH: Here’s the question.  If they do such good work over there at the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, why is the Clinton Foundation not offering any help, any aid, any money, any food, any cell phones to the devastated, dare I say white population, in Louisiana?

Yeah, Obama’s got it covered today after 10 or 11 rounds of golf.  Obama’s going down there today — or is it Thursday that he’s going? (interruption) Supposed to be in there today.  Okay, within the hour.  I should have suspected he would arrive during this program.  Of course that’s what they would do.  Seriously.  So Obama’s got that covered?  I mean, the Clinton Crime Family Foundation was all over Haiti.

Maybe they can’t make any money in Louisiana.  That’s what the Clinton Crime Family Foundation’s really all about is securing donations, not making payouts.  Anybody figure this out yet?  You look at the payouts of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, it’s not much.  The Clinton Crime Family Foundation is a way to support all of the members of the Clinton crime family, and to have them travel around in the lap of luxury.

But, I mean, we’re hearing about what great charitable work is done there. We’re hearing about how compassionate the Clinton Foundation is, and yet here’s Louisiana with record flooding.