LIMBAUGH: It’s The FBI That Was MEDDLING In The 2016 Election!

RUSH: Bob in Coronado, California. Glad you waited, sir. What’s happening?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m maximally frustrated. It only relates to the last year I had to listen daily about the Russians and collusion. And now, as you mentioned briefly a few minutes ago, we’re starting to find out piece by piece that it appeared that the Hillary and the Democratic Party/DNC colluded with the Russians. It appears that they colluded with the FBI. And I don’t think it’s a big stretch — which, to me, is just frightening as can be — that the FBI may have colluded through Fusion GPS with the Russians.

RUSH: Exactly!

CALLER: It’s a disaster.

RUSH: What we’re learning because of these texts and what our common sense tells us, it is the FBI meddling in the election. It’s the FBI and the Department of Justice coordinating with the Clinton campaign. And that’s the meddling. And if you want to say they meddled with the dossier, well, the dossier has roots to Russians because Christopher Steele (who wrote the dossier) claims that Russians helped him source it. So the collusion here — in these texts that we’re learning from Strzok to Lisa Page — are indicating FBI meddling in the 2016 election!

How else do you interpret Strzok wishing for an “insurance policy” in case Trump wins?

And now these clowns are part of an investigation of collusion between Trump and Russia of which this isn’t any, no evidence whatsoever, and now they’re moving on to Trump obstructing justice by firing Comey and what have you. That’s what this is. The “insurance policy” is this newfangled turd of an investigation that we’re being made to sit through after a year of being told that Trump colluded with the Russians. People’s lives are being destroyed over this. People’s livings. The way people earn a living is being destroyed and trashed over all this because a bunch of liberals have their noses out of joint that Hillary lost, despite their help!


RUSH: There’s A Reason Trump Called Don Lemon ‘STUPID’

RUSH: There’s a reason Trump called Don Lemon stupid.

On his show on CNN Tuesday night and Wednesday night, Don Lemon said that Trump should be thanking Obama for handing him a really good economy. He said on Tuesday he doesn’t think people are stupid and realize that Trump is riding the momentum of an economy Obama created. On Wednesday night Don Lemon used the thank-you line and said he wonders if Trump would be crying if he was given the economy that Obama inherited when he took the presidency.

So Obama inherited a mess, just like Clinton did, standard Democrat project, they inherit a bad economy, their predators lied to them about how bad it is. That sets the stage for a bad, weak economy ’cause Democrats preside over those kinds of economies. Here comes Don Lemon. So this is a coordinated push that your friends are falling for, probably purposefully. You’re probably not gonna be able to talk ’em out of this no matter how much logic I have shared with you that you repeat.

But there’s no way, there is no measure in which the Obama economy outperforms Trump’s. There is no measure that says Trump’s economy is simply an outgrowth of Obama’s. Trump has had to institute a whole bunch changes, change the focus, change the overall outlook of America’s role in the world in order to make these economic circumstances happen.

There’s a difference between conservatism and liberalism. There’s a huge difference between freedom and socialism. There’s a big difference in freedom and government control and regulation. Eight years of Obama versus 10 months of Donald Trump. The contrast is simple. You can’t miss it unless you want to. Unless you’re so poisoned and blinded by partisanship.

Remember, Obama never had 3% growth. Obama took so much money out of the economy as government took over this or that like health care, lied to you in the process about it. Obama tried to condition everybody that America’s best days are behind us, the new normal now because America had been unfair in the past, America had become an economic superpower by stealing and by appropriating resources and things that were not ours. We had militarily oppressed people and tried to impose our way of life on them, which is freedom. And Obama was here to correct America and make it right in the eyes of the world. Which is to downsize it and to strip it of superpower status. And that’s exactly what Obama did. Tell your friends to get a brain.


RUSH: Never Has There Been A More Misnamed, Fraudulent, Phony Issue Than ‘NET NEUTRALITY’

RUSH: Never has there been a more misnamed, fraudulent, phony issue than net neutrality. They want you to think that putting the government in charge of it and regulating it is gonna keep everybody on it equal and the same. (chuckling) It’s the exact opposite! They want to turn the internet into a utility, is what they mean. They want it regulated like the power company is and like the phone company is.

They want it regulated by the federal government, because they run the federal government, in their minds, and they want control over the internet. And they want to be able to punish cable providers, and they want to be able to punish the ISPs. They want to punish AT&T. They want to punish Comcast. They want to make ’em pay. They hate ’em! The only thing that young people care about on internet is Netflix. If you could find a way to make Netflix free, they would forget about opposing anything else you wanted to do there. That’s a bit of an exaggeration.


RUSH: Trump Voters Didn’t Listen To Trump When He Endorsed Luther Strange

RUSH: Don’t forget, you know, Trump wanted Luther Strange. At the beginning of all of this he wanted Luther Strange to be the Republican nominee. And who knows, but it might have been different if Luther Strange had been running. But remember what happened. When Trump got behind Luther Strange, what did the people of Alabama do?

The people of Alabama said, “No, no, no, no, Mr. President, no, no, no, no, no.” And they elected Roy Moore. And they elected Roy Moore because they thought Luther Strange was a McConnell acolyte, a swamp dweller, and they’re fed up with that. So Roy Moore became attractive in exactly the way I’m saying. And Trump voters didn’t listen to Trump when he was endorsing Luther Strange. And I think the reason they didn’t is because I don’t think they thought that’s what Trump really wanted. I think they thought Trump was trying to make deals with the swamp, was trying to buy ’em off here.

So I think people that voted for Roy Moore over Luther Strange in the primary were actually trying to protect Trump. They thought they were doing what Trump really wanted even though Trump had to say he was for Strange. This whole thing has been a mess. And it’s a mess because the Republican establishment murkies the water and clouds them and ends up, in their steadfast opposition to genuine conservatives, it causes, you know, second- and third tier people to run for office who are easily characterized as kooks or what have you.

And they end up becoming purity candidates untainted by the establishment, untainted by politics, untainted by this or that. But the problem with purity candidates is they lose. They’re not winnable candidates.


RUSH: Alabama Election Was Sealed With The Choice Of Jeff Sessions To Be Attorney General

RUSH: If you ask me, this election was sealed with the choice of Jeff Sessions to be attorney general.


RUSH: But I think — and of course this is a hindsight thing. It’s easy for people to say this, in hindsight. But the real mistake in Alabama was taking Jeff Sessions out of the Senate and making him AG. Now, I know why it happened. Sessions was the earliest — I mean, was right in there with Flynn. Jeff Sessions was the earliest Republican, the highest ranking Republican official to endorse Trump, to support Trump, to be seen with Trump at rallies.

It was all about immigration. Jeff Sessions is singularly focused on immigration, protecting the borders. No finer man exists. But he’s not a Trump personality type. He’s not a warrior. He’s partisan, but he’s not gonna be carrying the spears out there. Just not his personality type. And Trump wants people like that. But if Jeff Sessions were still in the Senate, none of this would have happened.